Smart and Simple Tips to Organize Your Home


Getting your home organized goes a long way to maximizing your home’s efficiency. Your place will look cleaner and you’ll find that you have more space to use and work with. To make the job easier, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to de-clutter and re-organize your house.


Entry Way

  1. Designate Drop Zones. Place boxes near the entry door for incoming and outgoing mails, and make a perch where you can hang your keys.


  1. Keep a Shoe Rack. Avoid bringing shoes inside the house by keeping a shoe rack beside the entry door. Shoes could bring in contaminants into your home, which can cause potential health problems.

Laundry Area

  1. Rank the Products. Arrange the items like stain lifters and dryer sheets according to how often you use them. The things you regularly need should be within easy reach. Also, make sure that there’s a trash can in the area for lint from the dryer.


  1. Sort Beddings. Organize your linen closet by keeping two extra sets of sheet per bed. That way, you can have one in the laundry and one reserved in the shelf. To store the sets neatly, fold the bed sheet and one pillowcase and then keep them inside the second pillowcase. Bundles that are kept together are easier to stack.


  1. Organize the Footwear. Keep the shoes you wear most often in a hanging storage at the back of your door. Store the rest in clear boxes under your bed.


  1. Raid Your Closet. If you have clothes you haven’t worn for more than a year, consider donating them or piling them up for a garage sale. Arrange what’s left by category (e.g. tops, bottoms, dresses, undergarments, etc.)


  1. De-Clutter the Dresser Top. Do you simply dump your receipts from your bag and pockets on your dresser at the end of the day? Try keeping your papers and coins in an attractive bowl, and then sort it out at the end of the week.

Kids’ Play Area

  1. Gather Their Books. Have a low shelf to store all the children’s books. Store them alphabetically by author or title so you can find them easily whenever you need them.


  1. Store Together Stuffed Toys. Put your kids’ stuffed pals in an upholstered storage or in a big bin so they won’t scatter all over the place and trip on them.


  1. Unify the Utensils. Throw away unused or broken utensils. Remove what’s left from the storage, clear the drawers from dust and debris, and return the utensils in their slots. Use the separators to keep the same tools together.


  1. Sort Out Produce. Keep fruits and vegetable separated by placing them in separate baskets. For those produce that needs to be stored in the fridge, keep them inside the fridge to prolong freshness.

These are just some of the many ways you can organize and de-clutter your home. Whether you just want to keep things organized or free up significant space, these simple tips can already make a huge difference in your home’s organization.


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