What We Need to Know about Mouth Ulcers  

Sometimes, we endure mouth ulcers without knowing its remedy or how did it happen. It is important that we know things about mouth ulcers so we can do something about it. No one is exempted of mouth ulcers here in Singapore. In fact, mouth ulcers here in Singapore is very common.

Mouth Pain

Mouth ulcers is also called oral ulcer. It occurs in the mucous membrane of our oral cavities. Ulcers are characterized by a break in the mucous membrane. Here are some things that we need to know more about mouth ulcers:

  • Causes of mouth ulcers: There are many causes of mouth ulcers but the common causes are local trauma and aphthous stomatitis. The mucous membrane lining of our mouth is thinner than our skin. In the case of local trauma, the membrane lining can be easily damaged through chemical or mechanical means. When we say chemical, the membrane lining is in contact with a strong concentration of chemicals for a long time. For example the holding of tablets in the mouth instead of swallowing online slots it can cause chemical ulcers. In the case of mechanical burns, it includes rubbing of sharp edges of teeth, accidental biting and eating rough foods. In the case of aphthous stomatitis, it has three types – minor, major and herpetiform. Minor aphthous will leave no scarring and it can be healed in about seven days. The major aphthous produces severe lesions and larger ulcers which may heal in about forty days and may leave permanent scarring. The herpetiform is the least common type.


  • Treatment: Treatment for mouth ulcers will be based on the cause. For most patients, mouth ulcers can heal totally without any intervention. For others who are seeking for treatment, the treatments include removing the cause of the trauma or address related problems like dry mouth. The basic thing to do is maintain a good oral hygiene. We have to use antiseptic mouthwashes because it can stop secondary infection and as a result, hasten its healing. We can also rely on topical agents to reduce the inflammation of the sores.
  • Prevention: If we want to prevent mouth ulcers from happening all the time, we have to be cautious of our actions. For example, we have to avoid hot or spicy foods because it can increase pain. When we brush, we have to use soft-bristled toothbrushes and it is imperative that we floss daily. If we notice large sores or if it is spreading, we have to consult a doctor right away.


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