What You Need to Know About Vertigo  

There are a number of Singaporeans who endure vertigo. Vertigo is characterized by spinning sensation. People who suffer from vertigo have dizzy spells. This means that they might feel their world is spinning. Vertigo is mostly caused by an inner ear problem.


Here are the things that we need to know about vertigo:

  • Other causes: It was mentioned earlier that vertigo is mostly caused by an inner problem. Other causes include Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), Meniere’s disease and vestibular neuritis. If we are curious about the causes, we have to consult our doctors and let them explain. There are many specialists here in Singapore that can help us with our vertigo.


  • Symptoms: Experts say that vertigo is triggered depending on the position of our head. Symptoms include swaying, unbalanced, spinning and tilting. We can also feel nauseated, abnormal eye movements, sweating and headache. Symptoms can last a few minutes or hours and it may come and go.
  • Treatment: The treatment depends on the cause. Vertigo naturally goes away without submitting to treatments because the brain eventually adapts. However, there are people who seeks for treatment. We can consider vestibular rehabilitation, canalith repositioning maneuvers and water pills. There are some cases that surgery is needed.

Vertigo may come and go but this will bring discomfort to patients. If we think we have vertigo, it is time that we consult our doctors and ask for their advice. Dealing with vertigo is not easy and at some point in time it can affect our everyday lives that is why we should learn how to deal with it.

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