Why Take Casein?


As we might already know, protein is the most important nutrient when it comes to building muscles. Whey is the more popular type of protein as it is digested quickly and is absorbed much faster by the muscles. Whey is one of two protein byproducts from milk. The other type of milk protein, casein, is the opposite of whey. It may be slow digesting but it still has its benefits.


Feeds muscles constantly

As already mentioned, casein is slow digesting. It’s not entirely a bad thing because being slow digesting means that it feeds your muscles with protein at a constant yet slow pace even as you go to work, sit at home watching TV, or even while you sleep. That’s why casein is often called the “night protein” because many bodybuilders take it before bed to keep the muscles fed with protein as they sleep.

A scoop of chocolate whey isolate protein

Added muscle gain

Many bodybuilders drink a combination of whey and casein. Whey is best when feeding your muscles right after training hard because of it is quick digesting. While muscles need a quick protein feeding after workouts, they also need to be constantly fed throughout the recovery period. That’s why casein is just as important to make sure muscles are constantly given the protein needed for recovery.


More fat loss

Other than feeding muscles with protein throughout sleep, builders take casein before bed to make sure that metabolism is at work even when the body is asleep because the body will be slowly digesting casein. A higher metabolic rate means that fat is also burned at a higher rate. Moreover, being slow digesting, casein also helps in increasing satiety levels or, in other words, it makes people feel full leading to less eating and snacking.


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