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Natural Supplements for Annoying Headaches


As much as you want to go about your daily life unscathed, there are times that you suffer headache. Enduring headache is counterproductive thereby you should do everything in your power to ease if not totally eradicate it. Headaches are caused by different reasons and almost all Singaporeans experienced it.

Speaking of easing it, there are many treatments that you can consider but the first thing that you have to consider is to determine the root cause. The good news is that you can seek for the help of doctors. Do not hesitate to come forward and speak up. Headache should not be something you get used to because it can destroy your career, relationships and your health.

Doctors will give you medications but if you want to consider natural remedies, choose natural supplements. Here are some natural remedies you have to consider:


Combine caffeine with ibuprofen or other pain relievers. Its effects will vary depending on the person. There are some who swear by this remedy. If you want to see it for yourself, you can try it. For some, if the effects wear off, another episode of headache will follow.

White willow bark

Now this is the natural aspirin. White willow bark has a compound called salicin that has the power to tame inflammation. This is the reason why it is good for low back pains and headaches. There are readily available capsules that you can consider. If you want to personally prepare it, you can make tea out of it just boil one to two teaspoons in eight ounces of water.


You can also consider boswellia. Boswellia is good for easing headaches. The good news is that it is also readily available in the market. You can take either capsule or tablet. Each contains more than nine hundred milligrams of boswellia.


Probiotics can lessen headache. Probiotics are found in your gut which makes you healthy. It can also help with the inflammation, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. Probiotics can be found in yogurts and kimchi. There are also supplements.

Omega-3 fatty acids

There are bad fatty acids and then there is good. Omega-3 fatty acids can lower your inflammation that it can ease stiffness, joint pain, back pain, menstrual cramps and headaches. Experts are recommending canola oil, spinach, Brussels sprouts, egg and many more. If you choose to, you can also consider fish oil every day as a supplement.

With these remedies, better days are coming.

What Makes a Good Commercial Plumbing Contractor

Hiring a highly-skilled plumbing contractor is an important decision that every owner of a large business needs to make—a decision that could potentially affect the daily operations of your business in Singapore. Although it seems like a daunting task, knowing what qualities make a good commercial plumber will help you in finding the right contractor for your business. With that in mind, we listed the common qualities you should look for in your prospective plumber.

1. Licensed

One of the defining qualities of a good commercial plumber is being licensed. This certification serves as a proof that your prospective plumbing contractor was able to complete all the necessary apprenticeships, courses and trainings to become a qualified plumber. Having a license also means that he knows all the ins and outs of a plumbing system, and with such a complex system in your business, you would certainly want the help of such a skilled and well-informed individual.

2. Insured

Working as a plumbing contractor has its own risks: electrical shocks, chemical hazards and injuries due to the use of faulty equipment. This is why it’s crucial that you hire a fast plumber service in Singapore who is equipped with an insurance coverage. Hiring an insured plumbing services provider protects not just the plumber himself, but you and your business as well.

3. Skilled and Persistent

A good commercial plumbing contractor should have the necessary skills to handle every type of plumbing matters. These individuals should be able to think of fast, effective solutions to fix any problem. Committing a mistake of hiring an inexperienced plumber will likely lead to accidents and result in prolonged downtime for your business. So be sure that you conduct some research beforehand to ensure that you only employ a plumber who has experienced working on similar plumbing issues as yours.

4. Spotless Track Record

If there is one thing that speaks for the efficiency and the quality of work that a particular plumber delivers, it would be his track record. So instead getting easily swayed by some lavish ads about plumbing contractors that are put out on radio, television or the internet, always keep in mind that what’s important is the kind of work the plumbing contractor is capable of pulling off.

As a tip, be sure to ask the plumbers you shortlisted if they can give you a copy of the contact details of their previous clients. Although not all of them might be willing to share how they feel about the plumber they hired, some might be happy to share their own experiences with that particular plumbing contractor.

5. Versatile Plumbing Services

Another fool-proof sign that you found a good plumber is the variety of plumbing services they are offering. Having such versatile services ensures that your chosen plumber is knowledgeable and capable of performing multiple plumbing jobs – including 24-hour plumber services. Also, offering a variety of plumbing services gives them access to a wide range of tools that they can use to fix all your emergencies—whether these are leakage issues, clogged pipe lines, sewer-line blockage, or a poor water pressure, your commercial plumber should be able to help you resolve the issue.

6. Quick Response Time

A quick response time is another sign that you hired a good plumbing contractor. Having a prompt response is what makes a difference between minor plumbing repairs and needing a major restoration. So be sure to ask your plumber about their response times and scheduling. While residential plumbing works normally last for only a day or two, commercial repair jobs often take weeks to finish. This is why it’s crucial that you ensure that your plumbing company has enough staff to cover both emergency calls and ongoing projects.

7. Good Service Warranty

Aside from having a fast response time, another sign that you hired a good and reliable plumber is that he provides a service warranty for his plumbing works. Requesting for repeat visits to fix the same issue can be costly, especially if you were not given any warranty when the job started. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that your prospective commercial plumber offers such guarantee and that you understand all the terms and conditions indicated on it. But if your contractor refuses to provide a warranty, then it would be best to start searching for another service provider to hire.

8. Honest and Reliable

Aside from providing quality plumbing services, good commercial plumbers are also known for their honesty and reliability. Be sure to choose a plumbing contractor who shows up on time, is appropriately dressed, and fully equipped with all the necessary tools and materials for their job. Other than being reliable, your prospective plumber should be honest as well. As a business owner, you are likely to be unaware about the amount of time and money it takes to fix certain plumbing issues. With that in mind, make sure that you hire someone who will not take advantage of your lack of knowledge and overcharge you once the plumbing work is done.

Finding a good commercial plumber for your business is not that difficult if you just know the right qualities to look for and what key factors to consider. So be sure to keep the said qualities in mind to make your search less stressful and to ensure that you only hire the best there is in the plumbing industry in Singapore.

Body Products and Makeup for Sensitive Skin


As science advances, so too are the products we use on our body. But not all of these produce the desired effect for everyone. Some people are sensitive to certain body products and makeup.

What is Sensitive Skin?


Sensitive skin can be caused by allergies, dry skin and other medical causes. You’ll know that you have sensitive skin if you feel burning and itching whenever you apply something on your skin. Some products and other factors also cause bumps, redness or hives.


To determine why if have sensitive skin, you may need skin tests. Others prefer to experiment by not using certain body products and makeup for a time to see if the condition improves.


To treat sensitive skin, you might have to change the products you use.


What are the Common Irritants?


Every skin is different. Unfortunately, besides the skin test, there is no sure method to determine which of these you might be sensitive to. It’s a trial and error process.


The following is a list of common skin irritants.

  • Face and body products that contain alcohol
  • Scented body products and makeup
  • Body scrubs that are too abrasive
  • Products that have dyes or tints
  • Preservatives that cause allergies
  • Parabens, which are also preservatives
  • Formaldehyde releasers that cause irritation
  • Lanolin and other moisturizers
  • Surfactants in cleaning products
  • Friction or pressure on the skin
  • Body fluids like sweat
  • Heat, cold or light that makes contact with skin
  • Certain types of fabrics and latex
  • Home products like cleaners
  • Food allergies and metal allergies


What Products Should I Use?


You must first know what type of skin you have. Body products and makeup that have “hypoallergenic” and “dermatologically-tested” on their labels can sometimes be misleading. You have to read the label to determine the ingredients used. Don’t be fooled by “all-natural/natural” or “organic” terms as well. So-called organic products usually don’t undergo the same testing and regulation like other products. It will also help if you sample the product first if you’re not sure.


Avoid the irritants listed above when you’re checking the labels. Don’t use products that have already expired so you should always check the date, especially on your makeup. The makeup usually starts to spoil as soon as you open it.


Don’t use products that have fragrance and alcohol, too many ingredients, are antibacterial and have alpha-hydroxy acids or retinoids.


For your face, use a silicone-based foundation, black eyeliner and mascara, pencil eyeliners, and face powder with minimal preservatives. Makeup should be oil-free and non-comedogenic, which means it won’t block your pores. Avoid waterproof makeup and liquid eyeliners.


The trick is to use as few products as possible. It’s good to take care of your skin, but using too many products would cause more harm than good in the long run.

What is Bullying and What Can You Do About It


Bullying can come in many forms. It could be emotional, physical, verbal or sexual. It could happen at school, work or even online. What are the signs that you are being bullied at school or work? What should you do about it?

What is bullying?


Bullying is different from disagreements among two people. The bully will hurt the other person repeatedly through insults, humiliation or physical pain. The victim usually can’t defend himself from the attacker. If the person is hurting you intentionally more than once, then it is called bullying.


Why am I a victim?


The bully usually asserts more power over the victim. The power can come from the person’s status in school or at work. It can happen to anyone, even among adults in a workplace. Usually the targets are the quiet and shy people. Sometimes people with different skin color, body shape, sexual orientation, and those with disabilities are the targets.


What should I do?


Remember that it isn’t your fault that you are the target of bullying. Ignore bullies as best as you could and avoid confrontations. They will eventually lose interest. Hang around with your friends and positive people. Remember that there are people who care about you like your friends and your family. If you feel like you need to respond to the bullies, don’t resort to violence.

Where should I go for help?


It might be difficult for you to tell someone that you’re a victim, but it’s also the best way to cope with it. Ask for help if the bullying doesn’t stop. Don’t think that you are weak because you’re telling other people about it. Remember that the bullies are the ones acting irrationally and abnormally, not you. Talking is the right thing to do. Talk to someone you can trust. If you can’t tell your family member or friends, seek help from your teacher or counselor or your immediate boss at work.


How can I help a victim?


If you think your friend or family member is being bullied, here are the things you need to do.


If you’re a parent, gather information about the bullies and the threats to your child. Research about the school’s anti-bullying rules to know your child’s rights. Talk to the right school personnel about it, preferably the principal or counselor. Don’t forget to follow up to make sure the bullying stops. If it doesn’t, you will need to contact the proper authorities about it.


Tell your teacher or counselor if your friend is a victim. Talk to your immediate boss if someone is harassing a co-worker.


What are the anti-bullying campaigns?


In Singapore, you might want to check out Children’s Society’s Bully-Free Programme. They have help and consultation hotlines. You might also want to check Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth (CABCY). They provide consultations and workshops about anti-bullying.

Engagement Ring Shopping With Your Fiancee

A proposal is a tradition practiced by couples not only here in Singapore, but by couples all over the world. These days, guys take it the elaborate way to propose to their girlfriends—choosing a romantic location and a tear-jerking will-you-marry-me speech complete with flowers, balloons, a lovely dinner and an engagement ring they chose themselves.

However, there are also many couples in Singapore who get engaged informally and go shopping together for a ring. If you know that your soon-to-be fiance has specific set of taste and preferences when it comes to jewellery or you just want to make sure that she will love the ring you’ll give her, then shopping together is your best option.

You may want to take not of these tips to get the most of your shopping experience—and make more romantic and wonderful memories in the process.

Do Some Research

Even if you’re going ring shopping with her, you still have to do some research to have an idea of what styles she fancy and be familiar with the terms used and the diamond cuts.

Social media is a great tool to learn more about her preferred wedding ring styles. First stop: Her Pinterest account, where she’s likely to have a pinboard about weddings and engagement rings. While looking at the rings she has pinned is a great start, don’t stop there. Look through her other pinboards, like fashion and clothing, to determine whether she likes simple, modern or complex nice wedding ring styles from Singapore. Explore her Pinterest boards—it’s one of the best ways to know her tastes and preferences.

You can find more clues on Facebook, too. Has she ‘liked’ a jeweller’s page? Have she ‘shared’ or posted photos of jewelleries or anything she finds stunning? How about her friends? What styles do they like? This information can educate you of the style(s) your girlfriend fancies. Keep an open mind when researching about her style. She will appreciate it, and it will go a long way in finding the perfect proposal ring.

Surprise Shopping

One way to still surprise your sweetheart is to casually drop by at a jewellery store to, say, look for men’s jewelleries. Slowly and strategically take her to the wedding ring section and casually ask which ones she finds attractive. This appears more casual—and therefore more surprising—when done after dinner or movie while strolling at the mall.

Even if you have openly discussed getting married, taking her with you when shopping for a ring will still strike as romantic—and practical all at once. The fact that you have planned for this day and initiated the ring shopping will delight her, and the idea that you want to ensure that she’ll love the ring will please her as well.

Talk to a salesperson while you’re there, and know more together about the ring she has chosen. The salesperson is your best resource to help your fiance make the right decision in terms of the ring style and setting in relation to the style she likes and the lifestyle she has.

A Dummy Ring

If you have been keeping it a secret and you know your fiance is expecting a spectacular surprise, shopping together for a ring may not be in the picture. You want to give her a romantic and memorable surprise proposal, but you also want to make sure that you have chosen the perfect ring for her.

Well, you can plan for a surprise proposal exactly how you want it: in a romantic location with a string quartet, an elaborate dinner and a ring—but not the real ring. For this occasion, you can choose a cheaper ring, perhaps a cubic zirconia instead of a diamond, to present to her.

As soon as she said yes, let her know that the proposal ring is just a dummy, and you want to let her choose the ring that she will truly love. This way, you get the best of both worlds. You can guarantee that she will love to wear the ring every single day of her life.

Discuss, Then Shop

When you have frankly discussed to each other about getting engaged and have mutual understanding about it, the next questions to answer is when and where the wedding will be.

If this is your scenario, practicality is easier to achieve. Get a couple of bridal magazines and discuss about what ring she loves over a cup of tea. Pay attention to the discussion—it’s more than just letting her pick her own engagement ring. Notice the rings she points out—the metal, the design, the type and cut of the stone, etc. Then, when you’re armed with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to provide relevant suggestions when it’s time to go and shop. You can be confident that she will love the ring and that you’re not wasting your money on something that would be seldom used.

In general, the choice of going ring shopping together is a matter of personal preferences. For some women, it is the thought that counts and the process that their men has to go through to pick out the right ring. For others, the engagement ring is a major investment and should be dealt with together as a couple. The truth is, there’s no right or wrong for this—it is simply what feels right for the both of you. What’s important is that you agree on the same thing and are happy with whatever choice you have made.

Don’t Let Fear Get in the Way! Tips on Travelling Unfamiliar Destinations


Travelling to a place you know absolutely nothing about can be terrifying, but don’t give in to fear. This will surely be one of the most unforgettable and fun experience you’ll ever have in your life. All you need is to keep yourself acquainted and prepared, and you’ll eventually realize that it’s just the same as travelling to any other popular destination.

  1. Prepare All Travel Documents

Be familiar with immigration laws to avoid problems upon arrival. Book your ticket and your accommodation in advance, especially when you expect to arrive at night time. You don’t want to be roaming around an unfamiliar place at night, looking for a place to stay, with all your valuables in hand.

  1. Read About the Place

Take a pause and do a bit of research about your destination. A little knowledge about the place will help you make tactful decisions and will keep you in the right mindset while on the trip. Also, know the local emergency number and keep it with you at all times.

  1. Blend In

Try to blend in or at least stand out less when exploring new places. Notice how locals dress and dress accordingly. Obvious signs that a person is a tourist include wearing sandals with socks, carrying a camera around the neck and a map sticking out of the pocket.

  1. Interact With Locals

Ask around for fare and transportation, tourist sites and shops and boutiques nearby. Have some small chit-chats to know more about their culture. If you can’t understand their dialect, be polite and just smile and nod.

  1. Trust Everyone and No One

Exploring new places allows you to meet new people, but it also makes you vulnerable. You can hang out with them, travel around and share things with them, but not lend them money or buy any expensive things from them. Remember, scam artists are often the most charming people; you want to be open-minded, but don’t let your guards down for your safety.

  1. Avoid Broadcasting Your Lack of Knowledge

During these trips, you only have limited knowledge about the place, so you might have to ask around for directions. Unless you are in a touristy area, be careful about pulling out your map or asking around to figure out where you are. This is a dead giveaway that you are not familiar of the place.

Setting foot into an unknown place requires thorough homework and a lot of guts. With the help of these travel tips, you can bid goodbye to the fear that’s holding you back to explore the place you know nothing about.

Things You Can Do for Your Child’s Emotional Development


You work hard for the kids so you can give them the best future you could possibly ever hope for. But is that enough? You spend most of your time at work and you rarely talk with your child. You just make sure he/she is taken care of.  As a parent, you should put more effort. Sometimes you need to step back from the busy life and take a closer look at your child then you will realize what he/she really needs from you.

Children need your constant love and support. While you are busy stomping the streets of Singapore, they just want you to tuck them to bed and read stories. Actually, children need only one thing – to be a part of your everyday life by being there for them. In case you forgot, here are the things your child needs from you:

  1. Have one-on-one moments. Your kids understand that you have to work for a living but when you put it aside for few hours for them, they will see that they are also the priority and they will realize how you care for them. It is important that you spend quality one-on-one time with your kids especially during their formative years. Forget about work for few hours and play with your toddler or read them bed time stories.


  1. Turn off all distractions. It is easy to get hooked to a television if it is turned on or a mobile phone if it has internet. It doesn’t matter if you are physically present but your mind is wandering. Your kids will still not appreciate it. When you are with kids, the best thing that you should do is to limit the screen time. Step away from it and have an actual bonding with the kids.


  1. Show affection. It is not enough that you say “I love you” to them. You have to act it or show it. It is important that as parents, you show subtle signs of affection like kiss and hug because kids will emulate it in their later years.


  1. Listen to their ideas (or ramblings). Be a good confidante because if kids trust you with littlest things, they will tell you bigger things as they grow up. You have to listen to their ideas even ramblings because that is how it is. Do not just listen with your ear. Listen with your heart as well. Your kids will surely appreciate it.

Raising a kid is not easy that is why you have to be familiar of their needs.

Online Shopping Tips for Bigger Savings


Mintel, the Global Market Research Firm said that online shoppers are 70% adult. These adults shop at least once in a month. This gives us a clear picture that many people now prefer online shopping. This idea is already famous for Singaporeans these days. The convenience of shopping in your pajamas is somehow very enticing.


The challenge here is to find a store that has the best deals. Here are the things that will help you find the best deals in the market:

  1. Compare. To make sure that you are getting the lowest price, do your homework – compare sites before actually purchasing something. This usually means you should have patience. When looking and comparing stores, you have to give it time and careful thought, do not just settle on the first site you see. Comparing is easy. You just have to enter the name of a particular item and then it will show a results list of retailers and the price will appear.


  1. Watch out for price fluctuations. It is said that sites base their prices depending on your personal browsing habits. If this is the case, wait for the “surging” of prices. The prices will rise and fall depending on the demand. There are price alert apps that you can consider say Slickdeals. This app will help you monitor price of a particular item and you will receive an email notification if the price will drop.


  1. Use coupons. If you can get your hands to coupons, you should use it to even lower the prices. You can use apps too to help you look for discount coupons like FatWallet and Dealnews.


  1. Use gift cards. Aside from coupons, you will also find digital gift cards. These cards can give you 2% to 30% discount on your purchases. There are apps that can help you find gift cards like GiftCardGranny as well as Cardpool.


  1. Wait for it. Another strategy to get discounts is to let the item sit in the cart for a day or more. If this happens, there is a big chance that the retailer will email you offering discounts so you can finally make that purchase.


  1. Free shipping. Look for sites that offer free shipping. If it can be helped, avoid paying for shipping. It will cost you about S$7.9. If you want to score free shipping, you have to fulfil the minimum threshold say S$25.

That should give you enough knowledge to shop online wisely. However, there are people who want to see the actual item before purchasing, if you are this kind of person, then you should definitely go out and go to malls.


Why Do Women Fall for Bad Boys?


Women fall for different guys. There are many who fall for nice guys while there are others who fall for bad ones. Regardless of what we choose, we can only hope that they won’t break our hearts. For those who particularly fall for bad boys, what makes them so irresistible? That is the biggest mystery.


This article will seek to help you decipher why you fall for bad guys. You should know that falling for bad guys have a scientific explanation even if a few.

Study from the Evolution & Human Behaviour Journal

There was a study conducted by the Evolution & Human Behaviour Journal in 2015 about pathological people. Pathological involves physical or mental disease. It can also mean obsessive and compulsive. The study showed that pathological people have many lifetime partners. People who are obsessive-compulsive, neurotic and impulsive tend to get more women and get into more relationships. Furthermore, the study revealed that men who are obsessive-compulsive are more successful especially with the ladies. The reason why they are attractive to women is because of their high income levels.

Study from the University of Texas


In a study spearheaded by Kristina Durante, a scientist at the University of Texas, she linked the reactions of women towards men vis-à-vis fertility periods. The research revealed that women who are ovulating wanted bad but sexy boys. In simple words, women near ovulation prefer sexy bad guys than dependable males. Women think that they will be better partners and fathers. This tells that women are clouded by a man’s sex appeal.

Study from the University of Durham

Women are drawn to dark and mysterious men because they think they are better looking than nice ones. To dismiss this variable, Gregory Louis Carter of the University of Durham looked into the preferences of one hundred twenty weight women through questionnaires posted online. He revealed that women find the “Dark Triad” personalities more attractive regardless of the look. The “Dark Triad” refers to narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism (the feeling to manipulate and deceive). Women tend to be enthralled by dark traits because it is unusual.

These are some of the studies that hopefully shed light to why women are attracted to James-Dean-bad-boy-look. At the end of the day, no one can really explain why women fall for such types except women. Regardless of the personality of the man, women only want to be treasured. It kind of make things romantic if bad boys fall in love. If you are into this type, pray that you will find one here in Singapore.