Singapore’s Leading University

If you just finished your secondary education, the next big step would be taking up a bachelor’s degree and earn it in a university. The challenge is what degree to consider. There are many people that can help you with that. You can gather insights from your guidance counsellors and your family. If you are settled, you can start looking for a university that can educate you about your chosen field.

If you are in Singapore, you should consider a university that speaks of excellence and quality education. The National University of Singapore (NUS) would be a brilliant choice. It is considered as the oldest university in Singapore. What makes NUS special? Here’s a gist:



There are at least three campuses. The main campus is located at Kent Ridge. Another campus is located at Bukit Timah which is the quarters of the Faculty of Law, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and research institutions. The Outram campus is the dwelling place of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore.


NUS is divided according to schools. Schools include Arts and Social Sciences, Business, Dentistry, Engineering, Design and Environment, Law, School of Medicine, School of Public Policy and Graduate School.


NUS give emphasis on research. The institution established 21 research centers like bioengineering, nanotechnology, biomedical and life sciences, engineering and many other crucial researches.

Facilities and student accommodation

Facilities include libraries and IT services. Computers used in the campus are connected with their campus-wide grid computing network. They have 7 libraries with wide collections of subjects.

NUS provides student accommodation in the form of their 6 Halls of Residence and 3 Student Residences.

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